Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Third Anniversary

I wrote this for smartheart on our third wedding anniversary!

To let you know I noticed
You often crib about how infrequently I express my love to you. This is to let you know of all the times you expressed your love for me and when I may not have communicated that I was touched:

When you rolled to my side of the bed as soon as you woke up and, with your chest to my back, kissed me on my right cheek; I noticed.

When you had 20 minutes to leave for the airport and still had packing, bathing and breakfast to do and you tiptoed in the room in the dark wee hours of the morning so I do not wake up; I noticed.

When you saw my thighs getting plump and my zits multiplying but you didn’t think it was important enough to tell me how ugly they looked; I noticed.

When you had more pressing things to do and were utterly disinterested in my stories and editing them was the last thing you wanted to do but you reviewed them anyways; I noticed.

When you ordered porridge to be made at breakfast everyday and ate that with me every single day just because I was used to it; I noticed.

When you let me take my own time to fall in love with you; I noticed.

When you felt ecstatic hearing me laugh and repeated your joke to the point it wasn’t funny anymore just so my laughter doesn’t stop; I noticed.

When your heart ached seeing me cry and it pained so much that you could pardon any sin I committed; I noticed.

When you enthusiastically told people how wonderful your wife is; I noticed.

When you sub-consciously said “love you, baby” in your slumber as soon as my feet brushed yours, I noticed.

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