Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I just found out...

that smartheart has been harboring an extra-marital affair. It's stupid of me to have taken so long to figure this out. They say that when a man indulges in an extra-marital affair, he comes home to his wife happy. I should have known about his scandal from when he goes shopping with me and the moment my attention is diverted, he gets on his phone to text. I should have known from when he carries his laptop on our vacations saying "Just in case I get time." I should have known from when he forgets to eat his tiffin lunch in office.

In fact, I should have known from our first lunch date the day after he proposed on 18th May, 2008. After we ordered our paninis at Shocolatery, he took out his laptop and asked me if he could work till the food comes. "I have a deadline," he said.

I should have known my husband has and will always have an extra-marital relationship with his work.


  1. Aslong as it's just with his work!!

  2. hahaha.... now i realized why my mom is constantly worried about my workaholic nature :)