Monday, September 10, 2012

Kanika's poetry

This is contributed also by a reader of this blog: 

Will you be there if world conspires against me 
Will you stand with me if you see me all alone
Will you take me home if I have no where else to go
Will you hold me if I feel weak
Will you slip your palm if my fingers feel bleak
There have been days when the sorrow felt long and the seconds passed by slowly, 
Will you brighten up those passing moments 
Will you be that solace in my solitude
WiIl you be that comfort...
Will you be that fear that awakens me from my nightmares
Will you be that dream that makes me smile in my sleep 
Will you be that breath that gives my heart a last beat
Will you be that last voice that I hear
Will you be that path my feet brace the ground on
Will you be the keys my finger tap on
Will you be the thoughts that fill my mind always
Will you be the tickle that makes me giggle
Will you be the boy that makes me dream of falling in love all over again
Will you be a superhero when I want you to be one
Will you be my prince charming when I yearn for one
Will you agree to give me a home when I want to settle down in one
Will you be the light that forms a shadow for me and stay with me forever. 

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